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Solitaire Arctic White Rubber Strap for Omega

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Solitaire Rubber strap for Omega

Elevate your Omega with our cutting-edge Solitaire Rubber straps. These vulcanised FKM Rubber straps effortlessly blend functionality and aesthetics.

Choose from our exclusive collection of 6 different styles, designed to complement your unique personality and enhance your watch's appeal. Our straps seamlessly integrate with your Omega, utilising the original Omega tang buckle for a perfect fit.

Upgrade your Omega today and make a statement with Solitaire Rubber straps wherever you are! Order now and embark on a journey of unparalleled comfort, style, and sophistication!

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Product detail

  • Vulcanised FKM Rubber
  • Waterproof and sweatproof

Select from 6 different combinations!

Solitaire Official has launched a series of six colors for the Omega Swatches collection, featuring: Godzilla Black, Arctic White, Phoenix Yellow, Bear Brown, Avocado Green, Scarlet Red

Intricate details

These straps boast a dual-color design and are adorned with intricate laser patterns, meticulously created by Team Solitaire. Solitaire Official is likely the world's first private label to unveil such sophisticated and stunning designs on rubber straps!

Quick release mechanism

All six colors in the Omega Swatch series come equipped with an incredible quick-release mechanism, greatly simplifying the process for users. This feature saves considerable time and effort, allowing for easy swapping of straps between watches.

Made with only the finest

Made with vulcanised FKM rubber, our rubber straps is more durable against the environments, matched with waterproof properties, high resistance to heat, cold and UV rays.

An incredibly soft material for the best wearing experience!

Fast International Shipping

Our ready made straps are delivered in thick silicon packaging to ensure they remain undamaged during transit to your doorstep.

Our exclusive partnership with DHL guarantees a fast and secure shipping process, providing you with peace of mind.

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  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Sato Kenta (Tokyo, JP)
    Quality speaks for itself

    The feel is excellent, the material is sturdy, and it doesn't feel cheap at all. It seems like it can last a long time.

    Jasim Khan
    Solitaire Arctic White Rubber

    This white rubber strap boasts a beautiful color and texture, perfectly complementing my watch and adding a touch of style

    Warap w (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
    High-quality watch strap.

    I purchased this white rubber strap and found the quality to be excellent. It's comfortable to wear, stylish in appearance, and I'm extremely satisfied with it.

    Charlie B (Toronto, CA)
    Arctic white rubber

    The rubber material they use is flexible and velvety, ensuring an incredibly comfortable wearing sensation.

    Gabriel K (Las Vegas, US)
    Very comfortable strap

    Incredibly soft with a top-notch texture! It fit my arm perfectly from the very first use. I'll definitely be purchasing another one of these.

    Peden Timothy (Sydney, AU)
    Great strap

    The excellence of this strap might persuade you to buy a watch just to pair with it.

    Haru Inouye (Tokyo, JP)
    Fast shipping to Tokyo

    The rubber is flexible and velvety, providing a pleasant wearing experience.

    Zhihao An (Taipei, TW)
    Omega rubber strap

    There's an incredible array of colors to choose from! The texture and visual appeal are truly stunning!

    Orion C (Los Angeles, US)
    Fast shipping to California

    Their rubber material is supple and soft, providing a very comfortable wearing experience.