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Superb strap

I was looking to break away from the usual black option. They offer a fantastic array of rubber straps to pick from! I'm really enjoying the diverse selection.

Verry good

I encountered their products through a Facebook ad and have been perusing their offerings. After observing numerous positive reviews, I made the decision to try one out for myself. The product was promptly shipped, and the quality of their rubber is truly impressive. It was definitely a worthwhile purchase!


I acquired a key fob for my previous vehicle a few years ago. The quality of their workmanship was exceptional, and it served me faithfully over time. Now, I'm embarking on round 2 with my new car, and I must admit that their craftsmanship has improved significantly over the years. I'm thoroughly impressed with their products!

Love the look!

I must admit, the strap colors on my Rolex watch provide a delightful enhancement. The harmonious combination of hues truly accentuates its features and ensures a comfortable fit on the wrist!

Best rubber strap

This surpasses the rubber strap from another brand I once owned. The previous one was extremely rigid, and I had to purchase a buckle separately just to wear it. I appreciate the convenience of the clasp buckle on this strap! Some of my friends even assumed I acquired these straps from Rolex due to their exceptional quality.

Very professional

Thank you Ren Yi and team for recommending me this set of colours! Loving the quality and how it matches with my Rolex time piece! Their service is very professional and on point!

Delivery is fast

Placed an order for my set just a few days back. Got the straps fast and am very happy with the product delivered! The texture of the straps are really beautiful and smooth! Can't wait to wear it out for my Rolex!

Loving my straps

This is the first set of straps that I have gotten for myself. Didn't know what to expect initially as I was very new to these. Thankfully their instructions and guides are very clear! I will highly recommend Solitaire products!

Unique match

Their design with twin linings is very unique, got their Zebra Black one as the white lines are a good contrast!

Great pricing

Straps are affordable, good to wear, easy to install. Doesn't get any better than this

Beautiful strap!

I'm totally loving the black rubber strap on my Godzilla watch! It's seriously comfy and has this super cool, stylish vibe to it.

Fast shipping

I have a strong appreciation for the quality of the straps that were included. They are of exceptional quality and fit my GMT watch perfectly, without encountering any issues or challenges.

Well made

The consistent high quality of this strap remains as impressive as ever. It is impeccably crafted and designed, all while being available at an incredibly affordable price point.

Love it!

The color of the strap was truly breathtaking and absolutely stunning, leaving me in awe of its remarkable beauty. I was genuinely taken aback by just how incredible this shade was.


The exceptional quality of the materials used and the intricate details of the product are truly remarkable. The moment I put it on, I was immediately captivated and couldn't resist its allure. This initial purchase marks the beginning of a lasting relationship, as I can confidently say that it won't be my last.

Yes, yes and yes

Received the package in a matter of a few days, in a nice silicon packaging. Straps looking fantastic, feels just as great, or even better!

Comfortable straps to wear

Feels like silk, nice to put on and is v pretty 😍

Surprised with their design

A fully flushed look that allows me to use back my original buckle without needing to spend extra for other buckles or changing to tang design? Yes please! Hv never been more happier using these straps!

Thank you!

These straps are of excellent quality for my timepiece. They fit perfectly and are incredibly comfortable to wear! What's even more surprising is the reasonable price, and they even offer installation services. Thank you!


I discovered their products on Instagram and made the decision to purchase a pair. Now, I find myself wearing them every day. I absolutely adore these straps!

The best purchase I have made

Getting a set of straps below 150 bucks, its a steal. Thought the quality may be compromised cos its priced that low, but turns out, its really really very good! Its been a few days already, no decolouration, no sticky sensation, still very soft and smooth.

Smooth and soft rubber, heck yes!

Beats the other brand of rubber strap that I once had. The old one is so stiff and I even had to buy a buckle just to wear it. Love that I can stick to the clasp buckle for this one! Had some friends thinking I got these straps from Rolex. The quality is just so fantastic!

Beautiful colours

Gotta say that the colours of the straps adds a nice touch to my Rolex. The blend of colours really brings out the features and is very comfortable to the wrists!

Perfectly fitting for my Rolex

Having contrasting colours by the side really stood out, so I decided to get one for myself. The straps are much more flexible than expected! Definitely a must buy for people who don't like the metal bracelets!

Flexible and fitting!

Very nice to wear, colour is perfect!