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Solitaire Graphite Grey Flexi Rubber strap for Rolex

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Solitaire Graphite Grey Flexi Rubber Strap

Discover the ideal match for your Rolex models 116515LN, 116518LN, 116519LN, 116655, and 126655 with our exclusive Flexi Rubber straps, available in a premium range of five colors!

Enjoy the comfort and precise fit of our soft and adaptable straps, offering a unique rubber wearing experience like no other. Find your perfect size today and elevate your Rolex with style and comfort!

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Product detail

These straps are manufactured from FKM fluoroelastomer, a material renowned for its unparalleled quality in strap manufacturing.

The benefits of using FKM fluoroelastomer are as follows:
• Better durability for a longer lifespan compared to many other materials due to its robust composition.
• Aging resistance which maintains its integrity over time, not degrading easily with age.
• Weather resistant against various weather conditions, including UV rays, rain, and extreme temperatures.
• Naturally dust repellent, keeping the watch strap cleaner and requiring less maintenance.
• Maximum comfort and flexibility for everyday wear.

Illustration of Excellence in Quality

Tailored with the highest quality using FKM fluoroelastomer, this GIF demonstrates the exceptional smoothness, softness, and flexibility of our product.

Buy with assurance – any item from Solitaire Official is guaranteed to exceed your expectations!

Select from 5 different options

Choose from five distinct color options, each thoughtfully curated to complement your Rolex watches!

Our selection includes the elegant Ebony Black, rich Chocolate Brown, vibrant Strawberry Pink, sleek Graphite Grey, and pristine Fleece White.

Pick the perfect hue to enhance your Rolex!

Discover Your Ideal Fit

With a selection of 10 different size combinations, you can effortlessly find the perfect fit for your wrist, eliminating any concerns about comfort and sizing.

Made with only the finest

Made with vulcanised FKM rubber, our rubber straps is more durable against the environments, matched with waterproof properties, high resistance to heat, cold and UV rays.

An incredibly soft material for the best wearing experience!

Reliable Durability

The Solitaire Flexi rubber is designed with an inherent curvature, without the need for additional metal strip reinforcement. This design choice enhances its overall durability.

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  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Miguel fernandes (Lisbon, PT)
    A very good rubber strap.

    this is my third purchase from this store, and as always, it's excellent. The watch strap is soft and comfortable to wear.

    Alexander Johnson (Paris, FR)
    Extremely comfortable.

    Rich in texture and easy to install.

    Hussain Haytham (Riyadh, SA)
    Sold as shown

    Extremely comfortable to wear, and the color is absolutely perfect!

    Benigno Marchesi (Milan, IT)
    Tight fitting rubber

    The Flexi rubber straps complement my Rolex Daytona beautifully! I appreciate the flexibility and luxurious softness of the straps.

    Alfred Chew (Singapore, SG)
    Fantastic straps!

    The rubber straps offer an exceptionally soft and comfortable wearing experience, mimicking the feel of the original. Recommend!