The 2018 Cartier Santos: A Guide to the Innovative Quickswitch Strap/Bracelet Features

The 2018 Cartier Santos: A Guide to the Innovative Quickswitch Strap/Bracelet Features

As you examine the 2018 New Santos de Cartier with care, you'll notice the modifications made to the design. The 2018 Santos de Cartier L boasts a refreshed look and the innovative Quickswitch Strap/Bracelet Features.

The watch case has undergone a redesign, now featuring smoother curves. The Santos de Cartier Quickswitch is now available in two different sizes, the first being a medium size measuring 35.1 mm x 41.9 mm and the second being a large model with a case size of 39.8 mm x 47.5 mm. For instance, the bezels now give the appearance of having "brancards" on either side due to the new rounded bezel that seamlessly integrates with the bracelet. The bezel is no longer perfectly squared, but rather follows the contours of the case and is secured with 8 screws. The case itself is more curvaceous compared to its previous iteration, and features a large, polished chamfer, lending the watch a sophisticated and luxurious appearance.

Key Features of the 2018 Santos de Cartier Watches

The cases and bracelets have been significantly reduced in size, making them more comfortable for some people to wear, particularly in comparison to the previous generation's bulky designs like the Santos 100. There is also a new bezel design that, while not a major change, gives the watches a distinct look. The watches are powered by an in-house automatic movement. The most significant news, however, is the quick-release "quickswitch" bracelet/strap system and the tool-free link conversion system "smartlink", which enables you to adjust the bracelet without tools, assuming you have nails.

Cartier introduced the Quick Release system for easy, tool-less strap changes. The Santos de Cartier metal bracelet also features this system along with the SmartLinks for adjustable length. The stainless steel bracelet, with its seamless design, is impressively made and the SmartLinks make adjusting its length effortless - simply press a small oval button, release the link, and adjust as needed. We tested this feature and found it to be straightforward, innovative, and well executed.

Effortless Strap Changes at Your Fingertips

The Santos de Cartier Quick Release System enables effortless and tool-less strap or watch band changes. The new Santos bracelet is equipped with both the QuickSwitch and SmartLink features. The stainless-steel bracelet boasts a sleek design and features the innovative SmartLinks system for length adjustment. With a simple push of an oval button on the bottom of the links, the bar can be easily released and adjusted without the need for a screwdriver. During our testing, the function was simple, clever, and expertly executed. This quick release button on both the straps and bracelet completely eliminates the need for tools.

As a bonus, a brown calf leather watch band is included with every model sold on a bracelet. Since the lug connections are exclusive to Cartier, it was a thoughtful gesture. Of course, you can purchase additional straps from Cartier at a premium price, but they are of high quality. Note that personalizing your watch strap requires a visit to a Cartier store, as online customization is not available. If you're looking for aftermarket options, check out our available off the shelf’s products here!

Identifying the right strap for your style and preferences

The Santos watch model comes in two different clasp styles, which can be identified by the accompanying straps.

The more recent Santos models, sold after 2020, come with a long strap that features strap holes, and a short strap that features a quick release spring bar, making it easy to attach to the clasp.

On the other hand, older Santos models come with two identical long straps that do not have strap holes. This type of clasp requires the user to fold both straps 180 degrees to the desired length on each side of the clasp.

Our ready-made straps are designed to fit both types of clasps, ensuring that customers can easily find the right strap for their Santos watch, regardless of the clasp style. Whether you have a newer or older Santos model, our straps are a convenient and stylish option for adding a personal touch to your watch. So why wait? Shop now to find the perfect strap for your Santos De Cartier M or L watch!

The Artistry of Solitaire Official Leather Strap

Our handmade leather straps are lined with waterproof Zermatt leathers to ensure durability and longevity. A high-quality material that has been used by well-known fashion houses such as Hermes for their watch straps, this leather is known for its durability, versatility, and premium feel, making it a popular choice for those seeking a luxurious touch.

The handmade nature of Solitaire Official's straps means that each one is crafted with care and precision, ensuring that the end result is a well-made and beautiful accessory for your Santos de Cartier watch. Whether you're looking for a custom-made strap to match your personal style or want a classic, elegant design, Solitaire Official has a wide range of options to choose from.

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