We're excited to share our latest creation: Ready Made Crocodile Universal Leather Strap

We're excited to share our latest creation: Ready Made Crocodile Universal Leather Strap

Introducing our newly launched crocodile universal leather strap which offers a luxurious and long-lasting addition to your timepiece collection. Our Crocodile leather is from Heng Long Leather which is a crocodile leather supplier owned by the LVMH group. Heng Long is a valued and trusted supplier of fine quality crocodilian leather to luxury and high-end fashion products manufacturers globally, including LVMH which is the world’s leading luxury products group.

Why You'll Love Our Crocodile Leather Watch Straps:

Built to Last: Our Crocodile Universal Leather Strap features crocodile leather on one side and durable crocodile lining on the other. This lining is stronger and more long-lasting than Zermatt calf lining, ensuring your strap stays in top condition for longer.

Variety: With a range of colours, matte and glossy finishes to choose from, you can customize your strap to match your watch and personal style perfectly.

Fits any watch: Crocodile leather watch straps are compatible with a wide range of watch styles and brands. Whether it's a classic dress watch, a sporty diver's watch, or a vintage timepiece, crocodile leather straps can complement various watch designs and enhance their overall appeal.

 Our ready-made crocodile universal leather strap crafted from premium crocodile leathers and hand stitched is the perfect choice for your daily watch pairings! With a choice of 10 colours, eight combinations for each colour, four lug width and buckle size options (18x16, 19x16, 20x16, 21x16), and two length size options (115x75 and 105x65), finding the perfect fit for your watch. 

Unlike any other in the market, our crocodile leather straps offer a luxurious crocodile lining at an unbeatable price of just $188. It’s definitely a steal!

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