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Sandstorm Epsom Universal Straps

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Incorporated with quick-release spring bars for effortless strap replacement

About our Epsom leathers

Revered in the world of luxury goods, Epsom leather is known for its distinctive texture, featuring a fine-grain embossing to deliver a unique, tactile feel. This textured surface not only adds a touch of elegance but also enhances scratch resistance.

Celebrated for its vibrant and enduring colors, Epsom leathers readily absorbs dyes, leaving a rich, vivid palette that withstands the test of time. Moreover, Epsom leather is known for its lightweight nature, with its water-resistant properties adding to its practicality and longevity.

Different colours to pick

Whether you choose the Shadowfall, Midnight Storm, Sandstorm, The Mandarin, Frosty Breeze or Snow White.

Our Epsom leather straps are versatile and suitable for all occasions! Elevate the style of your beloved watches with our Solitaire straps today!

Meticulous handcrafting

Each strap is meticulously handcrafted with traditional tools from France to guarantee enduring quality and an exquisite visual.

Countless hours of skilled craftsmanship go into creating these straps, and we invest significant effort in quality control before shipping them to our valued customers worldwide!

French Zermatt Lining

The undersides of all our ready-made straps are crafted from French Zermatt leather.

One particularly enticing characteristic of this leather is its hypoallergenic nature and its complete resistance to water and sweat, significantly extending the strap's longevity.

Select your preferred buckle

Every ready-made strap you buy from us includes a polished stainless steel buckle featuring our laser-engraved logo.

If desired, you have the option to select silver, gold or rose gold buckles before completing your purchase.

Fast International Shipping

Our ready made straps are delivered in thick silicon packaging to ensure they remain undamaged during transit to your doorstep.

Our exclusive partnership with DHL guarantees a fast and secure shipping process, providing you with peace of mind.

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  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Wiko James (Chicago, US)
    Well priced

    Absolutely enamored with this set of straps! They are incredibly well suited, and the leather exudes a stylish flair!

    Ali Aljaber (Singapore, SG)
    Solid quality leather straps

    Had the pleasure of visiting their showroom to check out their leathers and decided to also try their in stock straps! The workmanship is incredible, with a large variety of selection in their showroom. Fairly competitive price point, maybe will try getting a custom one for my next watch when I drop by again! 👍🏻

    Firdaus M
    The best replacement for the uncomfortable bracelets

    Texture of their leather straps are really out of this world, loving it to match for my Seiko!

    Esmaeil M (Dubai, AE)
    Decent straps at a competitive price

    Loving their leather straps, fits well and has competitive price point against other leather straps out there. Highly recommend!

    Leyi Ten (Singapore, SG)
    Quality straps

    Very reasonable price with great quality and service.

    Abdullah Aldawood (Pune, IN)
    Very nice!

    Really really loving their buttero leather straps! Will recommend for its lightweight and colours!

    Patara M (Jakarta, ID)
    Swift delivery

    Package arrived within 1 week from my order, looking excellent.

    Carson Lee (Singapore, SG)
    Fast service

    Had emailed them to enquire about some of the details regarding the leathers for the straps. Their team were very patient with explaining the details with me. Straps are of fine quality make!

    Victor Tan
    The best purchase I have ever made

    I have been buying, wearing, modding and trading watches for quite a while and I have never had such a fabulous set of leather straps on any watch in my collection... Until now! The quality and detail on this strap is simply just perfect!

    Nawaf Alawadhi
    Affordable and fast delivery

    Among the more budget-friendly choices for high-quality leather straps. I'd consider it a great deal to snag quality straps at such a reasonable price nowadays! Mine arrived in less than a week!