Celebrating Fathers' Day with A Taste of Fine Steak!

Celebrating Fathers' Day with A Taste of Fine Steak!

Over the last weekend, we have gotten busy with celebrating Fathers’ Day! Here are some highlights that we have taken with our recent collaboration with Wolfgang Steakhouse Singapore by Wolfgang Zwiener located at Intercontinental Singapore by Robertson Quay.

Renowned for their premium USDA Prime Black Angus Steak, dry-aged for 28 days, Wolfgang Steakhouse is known for offering the finest steak dining experience with beautiful ambience, complemented with their impressive cellar of wine, both new and old, chosen for their flavour profiles.

To celebrate Fathers' Day, patrons could take home an exclusive Wolfgang Steakhouse Special Leather Key Holder, crafted in quality Chevre leathers! Handcrafted by our seasoned artisans, these Key Holders were designed for key storage in a high class and luxurious style! Guests were also able to customize engraving their names or initials onto these beauties in a range of silver and gold colours!

Solitaire Official is pleased to be given the opportunity to provide our embossment services for the fathers who had dined at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse.


Embossing a leather product adds a touch of personalization to the product, making it truly yours to own and keep. While there are many different options of embossment available, we decided to go with hot stamping as it is the fastest and most reliable methods of name embossment for small leather products.

This process requires a hot stamp machine which allows us to have a pre-determined heat that will be used for the stamping. Stamping with high temperatures ensure that the embossment stays on the leather, with the stamping pressing down on the foil for a sleek metallic finish that highlights the initials on the leather.

Prior to stamping, the initials are organized into the stamp holder, before subjected to heating at around 120 degrees Celsius. The leather product to be stamped is then positioned on a flat metal plate, centralised to the stamp, before being taped down to ensure stability and fixed alignment.

The product is then stamped with gentle pressure, before the foil is gently peeled away, revealing the initals perfectly stamped in the preferred colours on the leather.


Under the lovely ambience of the restaurant, our booth was set up showcasing our latest leather pieces, along with some of our past works right beside our embossing machine in a cozy corner. With 2-hour slots allocated for each meal across the weekend, our letter stamps were on standby, ready to meet the crowd.

As the crowd approached, things started to get busy. Each individual key holder had to be well positioned and centralised before being stamped. Given the crowd, there was little time for the machine to be reheated, meaning the stamps needed to be carefully swapped with tweezers for the next embossment, with the rack still freshly heated from the previous embossment.

With careful precision and experience, this was no difficult task to handle, and each embossment was easily carried out within a few minutes. Throughout the course of the 2 days, we have had the pleasure for embossing over 50 key holders for patrons, delivering the embossment of their initials and names fit to their desires!


Other than embossing services, we do customised leather products, mainly watch straps, wallets, key fob covers and belts. Through the use of various leather options, we are able to customise watch straps for various models of watches! You can view our catalogues here.

Want something for your daily carry, refined in sleek leather? We can do it too! From recreating fresh wallets from worn out designs, to minimalistic belt straps and key fob covers, we have done it all! There is even in-stock ready made leather products that you can get right off the shop, mainly key fob covers and watch straps for specific models!

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