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Solitaire Rubber strap for Rolex GMT Master II (Deployant Clasp)

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Solitaire Rubber strap for Rolex GMT Master II 40MM

Elevate your Rolex 40MM Sports models with our cutting-edge Solitaire Rubber straps. Featuring a convenient quick-release mechanism and fully flushed lugs, these vulcanised FKM Rubber straps effortlessly blend functionality and aesthetics.

Choose from our exclusive collection of 9 different styles, designed to complement your unique personality and enhance your watch's appeal. Our straps seamlessly integrate with your Rolex, utilizing the original Rolex Deployant buckle for a perfect fit.

Upgrade your Rolex today and make a statement with Solitaire Rubber straps wherever you are! Order now and embark on a journey of unparalleled comfort, style, and sophistication!

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Buckle and Watch NOT included
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Product detail

  • Quick Release
  • Fully flushed
  • Vulcanised FKM Rubber
  • Waterproof and sweatproof
Installation Guide
The way to install our straps!

Select from 9 different options

Available in a delightful blend of colours, designed to match the design of your beloved time piece!

Select from our colours of classic black, turquoise blue, snowy white, emerald green and bright orange!

Made with only the finest

Made with vulcanised FKM rubber, our rubber straps is more durable against the environments, matched with waterproof properties, high resistance to heat, cold and UV rays.

An incredibly soft material for the best wearing experience!

Easy installation

Each strap comes with our signature quick release spring bar for easy installation without a need for any watch tools!

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  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Adam G (Las Vegas, US)
    Nice fitting

    It took some time for me to grasp the fitting options, but their visuals are incredibly clear. I'm thrilled to flaunt these straps to my friends!

    Matsunobi Ayutaro (Tokyo, JP)
    Nice fitting!

    I faced challenges with straps being excessively large for my wrists. Discovered that Solitaire offers the exact links I needed, and the sizing is spot-on for me! Finally, I can comfortably wear my Rolex in rubber without it sliding around.

    Gagnon Ethan (Toronto, CA)
    Delivery is fast

    Their design with the dual linings is super distinctive. I snagged their Zebra Black one because the white lines provide a cool contrast!

    Henry Leong (Singapore, SG)
    Soft and crisp texture

    Was searching for a set of straps to replace my previous set of rubber straps. Their rubber straps are so much smoother and softer to wear than my previous set! Recommended to buy!

    Jarvis Go
    Great gifting item!

    Best rubber strap that I have ever purchased for my dad. Really comfortable and attractive design. Previously I have been using rubber b ($350) Which is double the price of solitaire rubber.. honestly I feel the quality of the solitaire rubber is way better in terms of quality and comfortability. Best value for money. Highly recommended!

    Jian Wei T
    Excellent quality

    Fantastic strap! Really well made and looks great! The quick release spring bars add so much convenience. Absolutely loving it!

    Lester Peh
    Great pricing

    Straps are affordable, good to wear, easy to install. Doesn't get any better than this

    Ivory M
    Good job!

    I gotta say, this product is a real winner thanks to its amazing quality. The color just oozes that unmistakable elegance, which really amps up its cool factor. Definitely worth checking out!

    Sylvester D
    Great looking strap!

    The color of the strap is quite pleasing, and it imparts a sense of elegance. What's particularly delightful is its lightweight yet durable construction, striking a perfect balance between comfort and sturdiness. Given my satisfaction with this strap, I'm seriously considering acquiring more of them in the near future.

    Wallace Q

    This product impresses with its excellent material quality, offering a soft and comfortable touch. Installation is a straightforward process, and the fit is absolutely perfect, enhancing the overall value. It's undoubtedly worth the price, as it elevates the watch-wearing experience. If you're considering an upgrade for your watch, this choice won't disappoint, making it a valuable addition that combines quality, ease of use, and an impeccable fit.