Our history

Founded in 2013, Solitaire Official started with its founder,
Ren Yi, embarking on his journey as a leather craftsman. Burning with passion to provide the finest bespoke leather products, he sought to combine the best level of workmanship with outstanding quality
leathers to deliver the true definition of refined luxury products.

Since then, Solitaire Official has grown
significantly over the years. With a larger and more specialised team
governing each aspect of the crafting process, each bespoke product is assured
to be of the best quality.

Every design is handmade and handstitched to
represent the distinctive and prominent details of our craftsmanship, emulating
the benchmark of Solitaire Official!

Our products

Our range of leathers comprises of crocodile, alligator, chevre, epsom, python and many more!

With countless of colours to choose from, the possibilities are endless, so shape your beloved leather products with us today!